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Inclusive curriculum audit

CREDI Associate Director Jasmin Hinds is currently undertaking a University wide inclusive curriculum audit (ICA) predominantly around the protected characteristics of disability, ethnicity and gender, but also other factors, including but not restricted to, religious affiliation, care experienced students and caring responsibilities.

ICA aims and objectives

This audit is designed to capture:

  • inclusive activity already embedded in the curriculum, pedagogy and related processes or practices – predominantly at a School level
  • preparatory activity, for example Schools which are currently auditing reading lists to understand where we could be more inclusive going forward, and Schools which are in the process of recruiting students to assist with the co-creation of modules.

The main aims are:

  • determining if and where there is scope for improvement within the broad areas of Arts/Divinity and Science/Medicine and where possible, more granular School level information
  • identifying opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and knowledge transfer
  • helping to ensure that Schools are incorporating sector best practice into University of St Andrews pedagogical approaches and practice.

The audit will culminate in a best-practice workshop scheduled for September 2021.

Inclusive curriculum audit tools

ICA Completion form (pdf)

Being inclusive in laboratory practical sessions (pdf)

Examples of inclusive practice (zip)

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