“Analysing Ageism and Age Discrimination (at work)”

Research Seminar, Professor John Macnicol 

University College London (UCL)

12th June 2019

12:30 – 14:00

Professor Macnicol presents a seminar entitled “Analysing ageism and age discrimination (at work)”. In the last twenty years, there has been much discussion of ageism and age discrimination in employment in the UK. Many argue that age should join class, gender and race as protected characteristics in any modern, civilised society. However, there are intriguing problems with the timing of this renewed interest, and in many ways both concepts have been under discussion for a very long time. It is possible, for example, to see interest in age discrimination in employment as far back as the 1930s. The question is, therefore, why these disadvantages have re-appeared on the public policy agenda, and to what extent they have been used to justify a workfarist agenda which may not be in the best interests of older people.

“From sex roles to gender as a social structure: Implications for organisational change”

Research Seminar, Professor Barbara Risman

University of Illinois Chicago

Wednesday 30th May 2018

12:30 -14:00 pm

Professor Risman presents a seminar entitled “From sex roles to gender as a social structure: Implications for organisational change”.  In this talk, Professor Risman presents a theory for understanding gender inequality that goes far beyond defining gender as identity.  Instead, she argues that gender is a structure that includes individual level identities, but also the interactional expectations linked to sex category, institutional policies which embed expectations into organizations, and cultural logics which legitimate inequality.   The only way to decrease inequality is to address each level of analysis, and do so with attention to the material reality and cultural beliefs. The public policy and organizational implications of understanding gender as a social structure will be highlighted.  A discussion of this new generation of workers, Millennials, will be included in the conversation.